Experience the freshness of Aqua Citra once again

Aqua Citra Perfume is back again, a faithful re-creation of the original perfume from the sixties and seventies.

It belongs to the same era as Aqua Manda with flowery fashion, bell bottoms, platform shoes and disco fever.

If you have fond memories of being young and carefree in the 60’s and 70′s, you will love the revival of this classic retro fragrance.

Now you can experience this fresh and zingy nostalgic scent once again and if you are looking to wear an up to the minute bright fragrance Aqua Citra could just be the perfect perfume.

Original scent recreated

The original Aqua Citra Fragrance

The original formulation of the perfume.

The original creator of Aqua Citra fragrance, Christopher Collins and the original oil suppliers have acted as advisors on the re-launch of this iconic perfume.

The recreation of the perfume has been made possible by the discovery of the original formulation.

Making the fragrance as close as possible to the original.