The romance of Goya Black Rose

Do you remember the ravishing new fashion of the Fifties that liberated fashion with beautifully feminine styles?

Do you hold memories of an era rich with romance and glamour and dear to your heart?

Maybe you would love to revive the romance and elegance of a decade that has been forgotten?

Hailing from an era of stunning elegance and beauty Goya’s classic perfume, Black Rose is born again.

Now this perfume is available once again, reliving the memories of an unforgettable decade.

Original scent recreated

The original Goya Black Rose Fragrance

Above: The 'Organ Room' where the original Black Rose perfume was created.

Goya Black Rose was first created in the 1950's by the founder of Goya, Douglas Collins. The heritage of creating beautiful perfumes was then inherited by his son Christopher Collins.

Christopher Collins and the original oil suppliers have acted as advisors on the relaunch of this iconic perfume.

After extensive research and investigation the original formulas for this perfume have been discovered at the Amersham Museum, these historical documents have been referenced to recreate the beautiful romantic fragrance of Black Rose.

Making the fragrance as close as possible to the original. Because memories are so precious.